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Community Update

11TH OF APRIL 2018

Despite a long absence of activity via social media or online, the Libertas Legion has been hard at work developing new and fun ways to massacre villages! Due to recent events Enkubus92 will be organizing majority of work whilst the rest of the recruiters will be supporting in the upcoming recruitment campaign and social media projects.

The gaming community has been largely active once more sporting new members and regaining some of the original team as former friends from former groups filter their way back in. At this moment in time there are a lot of random and sporadic gaming sessions occurring on discord with up to 3-4 players at a time. On top of this Administration will be carried out in order to ensure the player logs are accurate to the people online and to ensure recruits can be kidnapped...introduced into the community quicker and at more convenient times.

On top of this the members of the STEAM group have been setting up and organizing the curator page as means of reviewing the community chosen and recommended games and what not to recommend for players or new recruits joining the atheist caliphate.

Here are the current updates within the LSLN:

  •  Development of player cohesion and activity
  •  Development of new media, graphics and campaigns
  •  Activity spike within player base
  •  New Temporary Leadership
  •  Introduction of new, upcoming and classic games
  •  Administration work 
  •  Building constructive and honest game reviews
  •  Starting to develop YouTube and twitch projects

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