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DefiantDucky: My Thanks
[R staff] DefiantDucky 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 2nd Jun 2018
Community Media
I would like to say thank you for sticking with the team here at the LSLN, old and new. We are slowly but surely getting bigger and better as our name and our group become more and more known and have our signature aims and goals become popular. Its been nearly 4 years since a small group of GTA heist players came together under an aim to make a group to go against the bullshit we were put under. Despite losses and setbacks majority of the old group we once formed as a small time GTA unit has evolved into something better. everyone has contributed one way or another, working their asses off with animations, videos and pictures or simply coming on in your free time to join us in chat and in game. So when I see shit like this, its fucking beautiful!

15th Jun 2018 sh0sh1n
Sounds like a blast! What's the best way to expedite membership?After sending in my application, I haven't heard back from any of the recruiters, even after trying to add one to my Steam friends list (as per direction from the welcome email)..
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