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DefiantDucky: LSLN Christmas
[R staff] DefiantDucky 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Dec 2018
Community Media

DefiantDucky: Christmas message to the Libertas Legion Community

2019 will mark the fourth year of the shining light that is the community we all share and out of the differences, stories and experiences we all have, The LSLN is the one thing we all have in common. What started as a small idea to try in the hopes of making a successful GTA heist team back in 2015 ignited a spark which thanks to the efforts of all of us here past and present will continue burning in the infected genitals of all who have been luck or for some unlucky to experience for many years to come.
It has truly been a pleasure to work, speak and play with you all over the years as many new faces become the embodiment and the very soul of our community. Despite the setbacks, losses and often struggles of which have plagued the community over the last few years, it has been a pleasure and triumph to build the united and well-oiled autism machine that is the Libertas Legion. Despite the name changes or struggles, I could not care what it is called or who we are and what we play, because it is such a damn good place.
A warm and steamy urine filled welcome to our old group veterans and ex members who have voluntarily returned to see our group put right and to rekindle the personalities lost during the darker times of our primitive creation. And the absolute worst for the shitty recruits and members who can barely pass the interviews and show up on discord. It is rare to find a community who can mercilessly beat down another person in savage banter and still maintain the companionship to pick them up back up after their beating and set them on their way setting the tone for those who wish to make us their home.
To all, the work so many have you have contributed to keep the life force of our community, the ideals we hold and to make every single game an amazing experience for both on the receiving and giving end of the autistic spectrum which proudly bares the badge and LSLN tag across the online and real world, everyone is responsible and has contributed in all their own ways to fuel the spearheads, the laughs and the great memories that everyone past and present will surely bare and have with them for decades to come.
I would like to extend a warm invitation for all of you to join me in celebration of our community and for all to have a merry Christmas and a happy new year for the end of 2018 and for all to achieve their dreams and goals for 2019. Whether making new steps, resolving issues or not going to jail for UK hate speech laws. Here’s to the LSLN, and to all of those who signed up to join in the nuclear autism fueled ethnic cleansing, bug eating and hate crime you all commit on an industrial scale.
LSLN Community Head

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