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Community Op: Infinite Erection
[R staff] DefiantDucky 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th Jul 2019
Community Update

Operation Infinite Erection

This operation will be focusing on two points of the LSLN community which will hope to boost influence and participation of all members internationally and to help maintain a presence in the US east and West time zones.

1) The Libertas Legion enjoys a team based and social interaction system to meet new members and organise sessions without the group restricting members to certain games or only strictly legion only events meaning members enjoy the ability to utilize the community for their games and plan activities for their time zones and dates. Simply put, the LSLN is a massive toolbox and we, the many members are all tools. We hope to use this as a way of getting more players in team orientated games and games which support parties, clans and groups as a means of getting more people on and involved games such as ARMA, 7DAYS, GTA, SCUM and many more which need others to make the experience a better one are a few of many than can be used to achieve this.

2) The population of the LSLN that is located or uses US east/central/west time zones is increasing and as a result requires some presence in these time zones. So far majority of the community has operated within EU time zones with some hours difference. We hope as part of the operation and as a motivator for US recruiters that we will be looking for those who want to find their place and push for activity in their time zones to really get stuck in. Why US? because so far membership for both EU and Asia have active time zones which cover a lot of the time zones across the central and eastern regions leaving US and western pacific with a smaller activity rate. Should this be achieved, this should allow for activity no matter the time zones with anything from an hour or two difference in activity. Therefore achieving an infinite erection.

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