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Community Update
How does it work?

Community Operations are member created events, hangouts and calls to play on their own terms and games. Allowing our community to make full use of our resources and networks to make for a full gaming experience. Timezones are organized using 0+UTC, aka Zulu Time.

Players and members will get notifications on steam, the site and discord that a new community op is available by another member and can have the choice to get in contact and arrange the session. We hope this will eliminate of having random and sporadic online activity of international members.

What to do?

First off, make an announcement on steam/discord about the new op your are organizing. Then make the event on the website or steam, all members/recruits will have access to the powers needed to do so. Set a time and then make use of the networks to contact other LSLN for more numbers.


1. Announce event in chats
2. Make official posting on steam/site

4. Make official event on the website: under 'Community Ops' category and colour it red on the calendar!
5. Give specific: game/time UTC

6. Spread the word
7. Reap the reward


Members: will need to be in the steam/discord/website.

Discord: chats #sexting and #communityops unmuted and notifications turned on.
Website: Signed onto the site and enlisted.

Email: make sure iclan or libertas legion is not in spam folders
Ops: need to be ready and organised for everyone to jump into

Any further questions ask DefiantDucky!

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