Libertas Legion

About us

The Libertas Legion is an International Multigaming Community exclusively based on the PC. Being the finished product after many years of testing to get the right balance of fun, organisation and freedom in gaming, the community offers full unrestricted gameplay and full freedom of speech and expression for all members making the LSLN one of the very few places people can be themselves. Combined with the strong dark humored mentality, social team based multigaming and the international aspects of the community makes for a full on, complete experience to anyone's gaming with a variety of activities and members to boot and an army behind your back every step of the way.

The Libertas Legion operates under a constitution, which lays out what members need to understand about the community, such as members been able to have a good strong humour, good team mentality in game and ensures no single person can power grab or change the entity of the group without full support from the majority of the community. Doing so helps to curve restrictions, control over members and ensures all members are united under one banner and one community at the same time. The community itself has no real leadership structure instead majority of the work is done by its main members and passed to votes.

Community Operations are member created events, hangouts and calls to play on their own terms and games. Allowing our community to make full use of our resources and networks to make for a full gaming experience. Timezones are organized using 0+UTC, aka Zulu Time.

Players and members will get notifications on steam, the site and discord that a new community op is available by another member and can have the choice to get in contact and arrange the session. We hope this will eliminate of having random and sporadic online activity of international members.

If you believe the Libertas Legion is for you, please fill out the application form provided and our recruitment team will get back to you.