Libertas Legion

About us

The Libertas Legion is an international gaming community founded in 2015; by players of all backgrounds who share a common belief in social and team-based gaming with freedom of speech combined with adult/dark humour. Operating under the Cuntstitution, of which sets the foundation of who we are and what we are about. The Libertas Legion is not for everyone as strong humour is prevalent and our freedom of speech and expression is completely unrestricted. We are welcoming to all members but do not support malingerers.

Community Operations are member created events, hangouts and calls to play on their own terms and games. Allowing our community to make full use of our resources and networks to make for a full gaming experience. Timezones are organized using 0+UTC, aka Zulu Time.

If you believe the Libertas Legion is for you, please fill out the application form provided and our recruitment team will get back to you .